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Wife’s Wish Do it for Me Baby Cuckold

Dear Husband,
We need to have a little talk.
There’s something we need to discuss, something very personal, and intimate, and sexual. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while, something you need to do for me. And something I think we both want.
This is something that’s very important to me, and could be for us as a couple, so I’ve written you this letter to convince you of the need, to encourage you to accept it, to condition you to want it as much as I do. But first I need you in the proper frame of mind. So take a bath, smoke a joint, relax your mind, and when you’re feeling calm and ready and a little bit aroused, come to the bed naked and read the rest of this letter.

There, that’s better. Feeling comfortable? Good. It’s very important that your mind is relaxed and open because I’m about to take you on a very erotic journey…
Have you figured it out? Can you guess what you need to do for me?
I’ve been thinking about it so much… It’s finally time… So I’ll just come out and say it… Will you suck cock for me, baby? I want to see you sucking cock, see your mouth full of cock, worshiping cock. My lover’s cock. I want to watch you suck my lover’s cock. I think you want it too, don’t you? I sense it. Deep down, you feel the desire for it, just like I do. Mmmm, ya, I want to feed it to you, and that’s what you want as well, for me to guide my lover’s cock into your sexy mouth and watch you suck him until he cums.
Oh yes, I think you want it too, baby. It terrifies you, but it excites you as well, and you want it just as much as I do, maybe more. You want to show off and prove your devotion to me. You want to show me how aroused and submissive you can be when I command you, how horny and sexual you are anytime I want you to be… And you’re more than just a little bi-curious… we both know it, you feel the urge deep within you. You want to suck cock. You want to experience what it’s like to have a cock in your mouth, to feel that cock getting aroused and to feel yourself getting aroused with it. And you want that cock to cum in that sweet mouth of yours and to feel that hot, sticky cum on your face and on your tongue, and then down the back of your throat. Yes, you want to suck my lover’s cock, and make his cock feel good, make it feel so good that he cums in your sexy mouth. And that’s what I want too, babe.
Oh God, it makes me so hot to think about it… Watching you suck my lover’s cock. Worshiping his cock. I get so wet and horny just from visualizing it… You need this, baby, and I can’t wait any longer.
To help you commit to the idea, let me walk you through the experience, slowly and hypnotically, so you can feel it as if it were really happening, so you can understand how excited, and aroused, you might become. Let me inside your mind so I can help you explore your desire, so I can help you find and liberate your true self. Let me help you shed your inhibitions so you can fully embrace your desire for cock… your need to suck another man’s cock… my lover’s cock… discover the pleasure of sucking my lover’s cock under my guidance. Let me set your heart, mind and body aflame with lust and hunger, desperate to please me and desperate to please my lover’s cock. Let me teach you to connect obedience to ecstasy. Submit to my instruction and be generously rewarded, my love.
Now, are you ready?
First, let me take you away from here… Relax your mind further. Clear your thoughts. Be as calm as you can be without falling asl**p. Imagine a beach, somewhere very far away. A beautiful beach with nothing but sand and surf as far as the eye can see in both directions. Clean air, hot sun, cool breeze, the sounds of the waves crashing in a steady, gentle rhythm. Lots of beautiful people walking past you. Beautiful women in their bikinis, with their beautiful tight bodies, and some beautiful men too, with lean, naked chests. Everyone tanned, fit, and gorgeous. You’re feeling happy, relaxed, and aroused.
Then you see me, approaching you, with my lover at my side. I look stunning, as usual, and my lover looks charmingly attractive and cheerful in his swim trunks. We look at you warmly, smiling. You feel your cock tingle and begin to stir. You know what we want. We want you to join us, to come with us, back to the hotel room.
And so you do. The three of us walk down the beach, hand in hand in hand, my husband on one side and my lover on the other. Both of you sporting erections that bounce inside your swim trunks.
Clear your mind again. Deep breaths. You feel so calm and relaxed. So very relaxed and comfortable. Now imagine a beautiful, stylish hotel room. Clean white sheets on the king size bed, flowers on the night table, mellow lighting, fireplace glowing, a cool breeze drifting in from the balcony through the open sliding glass door. Soft velvety carpet underscoring a luxurious, spacious room. That’s where you are. On the soft floor, on your knees, naked, and facing me.
Now picture my handsome lover, lean and athletic, his naked body sitting on the edge of the bed. Imagine my luscious and beautiful naked female form, kneeling before him, between his legs.
Now picture his cock. Imagine his cock in my hand. Erect and flawless. You can’t help admiring it. Imagine the most beautiful, perfect cock there ever was. Slightly bigger than you, slightly longer, straight and smooth with a beautiful mushroom head. Your dream cock if there ever was one. Picture it in my hand, straight up and stiff. Imagine my lover’s beautiful hard cock in my hand. Concentrate on his cock. Feel it entice you.
Watch me rub my hand up and down the shaft, slowly jerking him off. It turns you on, doesn’t it, my hand on another man’s hard cock, watching my fingers stimulate my lover’s horny erection. You feel aroused and horny too. You want to come closer.
“Come closer, baby.”
Watch me stroke my lover’s impressive cock up close. Imagine my hand caressing his cock to full hardness just inches from your face. Look at the head, thick and throbbing. Feel your inhibitions drifting away. You want it, don’t you. You want it in your mouth. You don’t understand why, but you want my lover’s cock in your mouth.
Now, in your mind’s eye, watch me kiss and suck on the head of that cock. Looks so delicious, doesn’t it. Focus on my lips sucking the head of that cock. You feel the urge to join me, to suck it with me. You feel an urge to suck cock growing inside you, growing stronger, more insistent.
Now I turn towards you, and before your realize it, I’m kissing you. Can you taste it? Taste my lover’s cock on my lips. Kiss me. I want you to taste his cock on my lips as I kiss you, my loving, submissive husband. Feel you heart melt.
Again I suck and slobber all over the top of his cock. Again I turn towards you, and we kiss. Taste him, sweetie. Taste cock. Taste his cock on my lips while I stroke his shaft. Is it turning you on? I can tell you want it so bad.
Once more I turn to my lover’s cock. My tongue stretches out and licks the shaft from the base to the tip, then licking all over the cock, like a sweet lollipop. You watch my tongue swirl all over the head, then zig zag its way down and back up the shaft. I turn my face towards you, leaning in for a kiss, mouth open, offering you my tongue. You understand what is expected, and comply, sucking my tongue into your mouth. You suck on my tongue and suck on the flavor of my lover’s cock. I’m holding his cock oh so close to our mouths while you suck on my tongue. His hard throbbing cock in my hand almost grazes your cheek as your lips slide up and down on my tongue.
I pull away and look at you. You stare at the hard cock in my hand.
Yes, you want this. I know you want this. Accept this as your true nature. Your cock is hard and throbbing, dripping with excitement, giving you away. Your nipples are stiff and pointing off your chest. You look at this cock in my hand and you feel so aroused. You look at my lover’s cock and you feel so horny and aroused, and so desperate to have it in your mouth. Yes, you want this now, baby, more then anything, and so do I.
I need to see you take my lover’s cock in your mouth. I need to see you worship cock for me. Oh God, baby, it turns me on so much to think about it. I want to see how devoted you are, how horny you are, and how erotic and sexual you can be under my direction. I want to see you please that cock, give pleasure to the cock that pleases me. Honor me by giving it the gratification and affection it deserves. Suck my lover’s cock for me, baby, and surrender yourself to my most sensual fantasy. Allow me to bask in your vulnerability. Be my little cocksucker. Let me watch you suck my lover’s cock.
I can tell you want this. Deep down, an instinctive raw desire is awakening. I can see it in you, emerging, taking over. Submit to it. Let me guide you. I know you’re ready for it.
Breathe deeply. Trust.
“Close your eyes,” I tell you.
You want this. You want my lover’s cock in your mouth. You can’t resist it. You desperately want to suck cock for me.
Now imagine you have your eyes closed. Picture only darkness and concentrate on what you feel and the sensations of contact. You feel the soft carpet under your knees and feet. You feel the cool air breezing in from the balcony across your naked body. You feel my hand on the back of your neck, my fingers sliding up through your hair. You feel something graze past your lips. You instantly realize what it was – my lover’s cock. You feel it graze past your lips again.
Yes. Imagine his cock, baby, brushing past your lips, again and again. Feel my hand on the back of your head. Feel his cock, ever so slightly… so softly… kissing your lips. So good, baby. So hot. Kiss him back. Kiss his cock. Feel your lips kissing cock for the first time.
Now open your mouth slightly and stick out your tongue. Feel his cock touch your tongue. Feel your tongue touching cock. Lick it. Lick his juicy cock. Feel it on the tip of your tongue. Swirl and flick your tongue around the top. Make out with my lover’s cock. Oh God, it pleases me so much to see you do this.
“Open your eyes.”
Imagine seeing his cock right before your eyes. Picture my lover’s beautiful, perfect cock, glistening and moist. The cock you were kissing and licking, hard and throbbing, practically glowing, right in front of your eyes. Picture his wet, sexy cock in my hand. Now lick his cock from the base where my hand is holding him, all the way up the shaft to the little slit at the top of his head. Yes, just like that. Do it again. Slowly. Imagine every vein, the texture of the skin, the warmth under your tongue, feel it pulse and jump as you slide your tongue along the entire length of his cock and then linger at the tip. Again. Slower. Push your tongue into his opening.
“It’s time,” I whisper.
Time for you to suck cock for me, baby. Time for you to finally become a cocksucker. Time for you set free that horny slut hiding inside you and embrace your role as my cocksucking submissive. There’s no stopping it. Right here, right now. The experience we crave is about to be realized.
Imagine his cock entering your mouth. This is it. My hand on the back of your head, your lips parting, accepting him in. It’s finally happening. You feel cock sliding along your tongue. You feel my hand on the back of your head, gently pushing you down deeper. You feel your lips around his smooth shaft.
“Oh God, that’s so hot, baby! You’re doing it! You’re sucking him. Suck his cock for me, baby, this is so sexy!”
Yes, suck his cock. Suck my lover’s cock for me, baby. Be a good little cocksucker. Feel his cock in your mouth. Feel his hard, thick cock filling your mouth, sliding in and out, between your lips. Worship his cock, my love. Feel my breath on your cheek. Feel my hand on the back of your head. Inhale his scent. Feel his stiff cock between your lips and on your tongue.
“That’s it, baby! You look so hot with cock in your mouth! Keep going. Keep sucking him. It’s so sexy, it’s makes me so wet watching you suck cock!”
Feel the fullness of his cock in your mouth. Enjoy it. Feel the heat of his sensitive flesh in your mouth. Feel it react to your touch, feel it grow and expand, getting bigger and even harder. Feel my hand on the back of your head. Feel my approval. Feel my excitement. Give in to your lust. Worship his cock. It feels so good. It feels so good to have cock in your mouth. It feels so good to have me helping you suck cock, to have me guiding his cock into your mouth. Feeding you cock.
What a rush of power it is to witness and receive this act of dedication and devotion, this sweet expression of your supreme loyalty.
Suck his cock. Feel my hand on the back of your head, encouraging you to go deeper, and faster. Deeper. Faster. Suck his cock. Suck it. Make his cock feel pleasure with your mouth. Give your mouth pleasure with his cock.
You love it. The more you suck, the more aroused you become. Worship his cock. Worship it. Deeper, faster. Make yourself hot from sucking cock.
“Yes, you love sucking cock, baby! I knew it! I knew you would love it like a horny slut. Take him all the way in. All the way down. Be a good slut for me, baby, show me how much you love cock!”
Deeper. And deeper. Until you feel his cock at the back of your throat. Then all the way up, then all the way back down. Again. Feel the tip of his cock parting your lips, sliding along your tongue, until it touches the back of your mouth. Worship his cock. Worship every inch of his cock with your mouth. Try to touch my fingers with your lips and take his whole cock completely inside your hot, sexy mouth. Feel yourself becoming more and more aroused as you lose yourself on his cock.
Up and down, deeper and deeper. It feels so good. Swirl your tongue around the underside of his cock as it slides past. Suck your lips tight as you move up the shaft. You feel so horny, yet also content and pacified. You love sucking cock for me. It gives you such intense pleasure. My lover’s cock feels so good in your mouth, so right, so perfect.
The sounds of heavy breathing, moaning, and sucking fill the room. The sexual tension is so heavy, so kinky. You feel intoxicated. This whole scene is intoxicating, for all of us. Suck his cock for me, baby. Suck his cock. It turns me on so much.
It makes you feel so sexy. Cock feels so good in your mouth.
Worship his cock.
Experience intense pleasure.
My hand is no longer at the back of your head. You’re on your own now, sucking his hard cock with no inhibitions and without assistance. I let go of his cock, allowing you to carry the full weight of it between your lips. It’s all you now, just like I planned. I lean back and admire my work. You’re consumed with cock lust. My fingertips find my swollen, excited clit. Yes, you’re doing so good. So good, baby. Keep going. Make me proud. Make me so horny for you. Suck his cock and show me what a slut you are.
“Put on a show for me, boys.”
You wouldn’t dare to look over, but you can sense me watching you, staring at you fiercely, as my lover’s cock slides between your lips, in and out of your mouth, your head bobbing up and down. I feel your devotion for me, your desire to please me, your willingness to do anything…
“Fuck, so sexy, so hot! Baby, you look so good with cock in your mouth. Such a good cocksucker! And you love it, too! Look at the way you enjoy sucking cock, just like I knew you would.”
I’m busy working on my tingling clit, frantically flicking that ultra-sensitive bud, and teasing the opening of my soaking wet pussy, masturbating openly in front of this beautifully erotic scene.
“Fuck, so sexy, baby, so hot! Suck him. Suck his cock for me, baby. I’m so wet for you! Fuck yes, keep sucking him, oh God, it’s so hot!”
Worship his cock.
Within just minutes, my pussy quivers and convulses, and the sound of my climax fills your ears while you continue to suck, a wildly intense orgasm ringing in your ears, that lasts and lasts, and still you keep sucking, until finally my rambling screams of pleasure degenerate into mild grunts and groans that roll and fade away into deep, heavy breathing, all amidst the sounds of my lover’s soft moaning and your relentless slurping on his cock. One final, extended, satisfying moan escapes my lips, and still, you keep sucking.
“Oh, baby… so amazing… so… fucking… wow… ”
I’m exhausted. And delirious.
You feel so happy. So elated. Elated for my pleasure and so proud. Your ego jumps for joy as you feel my satisfaction wash over you. Your heart explodes. So happy sucking cock for my pleasure. You have a cock in your mouth and you feel so happy. Worship it. I love watching you suck cock, and you love sucking cock for me even more. Your state of arousal is mindblowing. My orgasm has brought you to the edge of a sensitivity overload.
You feel yourself shaking, trembling, vibrating.
Your entire body feels amazing. Wonderful. Every sensation seems magnified. Cosmic energy surrounds you. Everything is buzzing. The cock in your mouth feels fantastic. Your shoulders feel relaxed and strong. Your legs feel loose and powerful. Your nipples are bursting off your chest, they’re so erect, like magnificent little rockets about to blast off into space. And your cock… your throbbing cock, is stiff and rigid and leaking pre-cum all over. And the cock in your mouth makes you feel incredibly sexy. You feel electric.
“Stop for a moment,” I command. You seem startled by my sudden request, and dazed, like coming out of a trance, but you obey. Your mouth feels empty. Already you want more cock.
“Stand up.” It’s time for me to take control again. I want to play a little.
I hold my lover’s cock in my left hand and your cock in my right, gently stroking them both, comparing them, pointing them towards each other.
Picture it in your mind.
Closer and closer they get as I work the shafts. God, you’re so wet, and both of you are rock hard. And now, just stroking them gently, and ever so slowly bringing them closer and closer, the heads almost touching, until finally, just brushing past each other, just for a moment. Just for a moment, the feeling of his cock gliding over yours. And then again. And then again. And now finally pressing them together, rubbing the heads together, making his cock slippery with your pre-cum. You feel his cock against yours, and see the heads sliding over one another, and it sends a sexual charge through your entire body.
Visualize it. My hands rubbing your hard cocks together at the tip. The head of your cock leaking uncontrollably over his. Two wet, swollen cock heads, under my command, sliding back and forth, tip over tip. His cock teasing yours, and vice versa. See the fascination and joy on my face as I use your cocks to caress each other.
Your cock is so wet. It’s leaking pre-cum all over his cock, making it slippery and slick. It’s literally dripping out of your stiff cock like a slow drip on a loose tap, covering my lover’s throbbing staff in your sticky cream. Drip, drip, drip. Coating his cock with your arousal.
I stand up, get behind you, and with my hands on your shoulders, gently guide you to your knees again. I remain standing behind you, over you, a hand on your shoulder and another in your hair.
“Taste yourself on him. Suck your cum off his cock, sweetie.”
Your mouth descends around his cock again and you marvel at how natural it feels all of a sudden.
Yes, imagine sucking his cock, and tasting your cum. So kinky, so sexual. Tasting your arousal on his cock. It tastes so good. Your cum tastes so good on his cock. Suck his delicious cock. Imagine how good his cum will taste too. The thought excites you.
Someday, baby, you will taste my pussy on his cock. And you will love it. You will love the taste of my pussy juice all over his cock. You will crave the taste of my pussy on his cock and you will crave the taste of his cum combined with mine. But for now, I want you to experience – and appreciate – the flavor of your arousal, the taste of your cum, on my lover’s cock, and how good it can make you feel, and how satisfying it is for you, and for all of us.
Savor it.
You keep sucking him.
It feels so good. You’ve given in to your lust, to your darkest desires. You love sucking cock, on your knees, under my watchful eye.
You feel his cock pulse, expanding in your mouth as you go deeper.
Worship his cock.
You feel yourself again getting more and more aroused from giving my lover’s cock pleasure with your mouth. You feel yourself getting aroused from worshiping cock. You see his balls tighten and you hear him moan and it pleases you so much that you moan in turn around his cock. You keep sucking him, deeper.
Oh God, that singular sound of you moaning with your mouth full of cock sends a shockwave through my pussy!
“Oh yes, baby, he’s getting close, make him cum! Make him cum with your mouth! I want to see it. I want to see him cumming in your sexy mouth! Make him do it, baby! Suck his cock until he cums!”
Oh yes, you’re so good at sucking cock. It feels so good and tastes so good and you feel so aroused. You suck cock like it’s your favorite candy, knowing the best part, locked inside, is the delicious cream. That’s what you want, the creamy center, and you want to suck it out. You want to suck the cum out of my lover’s cock.
Such a naughty slut. So eager to feel his cream squirt in your mouth. A sexy slut, horny for cum, that’s what you are, babe. That’s what you’ve become. Make that candy squirt, princess.
Worship his cock. Deeper. All the way. Almost there. Keep sucking, baby. Deeper. That’s it. Worship his cock.
You want his cum. Think about his cum while you suck his cock. Make his cock feel amazing. Make his cock feel so much pleasure that he just needs to cum in your mouth. Feel his cock in your mouth pulsing, anticipating, seeking its own gratification and release. Feel it pushing its way past your lips, controlling the tempo, fucking your mouth. Surrender to my lover’s cock, baby. Let him penetrate you. Deeper.
Almost there. Keep sucking, baby. Use your tongue while his cock fucks your mouth. Deeper.
You love sucking cock for me. You love cock. It feels so good. Your whole body feels so good and aroused. You want my lover’s cum in your mouth so much, and you feel his cock twitch, and you feel your own cock tingle and throb, and you know that when he cums in your mouth you’re going to cum as well, overwhelmed by the sexual energy being released.
Feel it. Feel his cock throb and twitch in your mouth, thrusting deeply between your lips. Imagine the pulsing hot flesh, stiff and swollen, reaching into you.
When he cums in your mouth, it’s going to make you cum.
And then it happens…
Pulsing. Thrusting. Harder. Ejaculating. Imagine him cumming in your mouth now. Imagine his cum splashing the inside of your mouth as his cock explodes. Feel his cock flex and his semen hitting the back of your tongue, again and again. Feel his sperm bursting into your mouth. Taste his cream, slut.
“Oh fuck, yes, baby, he’s cumming in your mouth! Oh God, yes, suck him! Suck it all the way!”
Feel it. His cock shooting cum into your mouth, your lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. I’m standing right behind you, baby, right up against you, holding your head in my hands, mesmerized as you drink my lover’s essence. Yes, suck it hard. What a beautiful sight.
The ultimate tribute. How sexy and empowering to watch you take my lover’s cum inside you. How thrilling to see your enthusiasm for it.
Oh God, baby, imagine how it feels, his cock pumping a thick load of cum into your pretty mouth. Such intense bliss. Suck him hard. Your own cock tingles and bounces stiffly and then you feel a strange and wonderful surge of intense pleasure throughout your entire body, surging towards a single point, a delightful divine energy extending from behind your balls, then along the shaft of your cock and up through the head. You feel my lovers cum in your mouth. Creamy and thick. Mmmm, it feels so good. And then you feel yourself cumming. A long, steady, uncontrolled flow of cum gushing from your cock. You feel my lover’s wet cum on your tongue and you feel yourself oozing, and releasing more of your sexual fluid. You feel my lover’s sperm in your throat and still more cum spills from your cock.
Your whole body orgasms with a shudder, your mouth open wide yet still full of cock and cum.
Imagine my lover’s cum in your mouth, baby. Swallow it. Swallow every drop. The ultimate tribute. Swallow his cum. Love it. Celebrate. This is your reward, the grand prize, your special treat. Be a good little cocksucker and swallow every drop of my lover’s cum for me. You’re my cocksucker now, baby. My bitch. And you love it. You belong to me, my obedient slut, with my lover’s cum nestled inside you, forever and always, and you love it.
It feels so good.
So intimate and sacred, it may yet become our special little ritual.
You feel so aroused. So happy. So refreshed and alive. So confidant and secure. Complete.
You sucked my lover’s cock and swallowed cum, and, as I knew you would, you loved it. I led you across the threshold, my sweet, and there’s no turning back. Relish this new dynamic. Rejoice in the love and understanding we share. Ours is an unbreakable bond, and your devotion to me knows no bounds. You’re mine, for all eternity.
Am I right?
Think about it, baby. Sweet dreams.